Is my date a good match?

In the early stages of a relationship, it can be hard to know if the person you have been on a few dates with is really the right one for you. Even if you like them, do you have enough in common and do you share the same values? All of these questions can be very vexing, especially if you are keen to meet “the one” and settle down.

Tips to help you decide if your date is a good match

1. You have lots of things in common – having shared interests is very important for the longevity of any relationship. In the early days, love will help smooth out the bumps in your relationship, but as time goes on, love needs to mature into a solid friendship based on common ground. Opposites always attract, but if you have absolutely nothing in common besides potent chemistry, your relationship has little chance of making it past the early stages.

2. Shared values – for two people to be a good match in any relationship, they need to share the same values. For example, if you work hard with a view to saving enough money to provide for a future family, but your date is keen to take time out to travel the world and explore new horizons, it is highly unlikely you will remain together in the long term.

3. Approval of family and friends is important for lasting relationship success – whereas we tend to view new relationships through rose tinted spectacles, our loved ones are far more objective, so if they are dropping heavy hints that your beloved is perhaps not the one for you, take heed and listen to them instead of ignoring their advice.

4. You love spending every waking moment with the person and you think about them constantly – it is a good sign if you are completely besotted with your new date, although if they don’t feel the same way you are on a one-track road to heartache and misery! Enjoy the high of falling in love, but try and maintain a sense of objectivity just in case the person is not everything they first appear to be.

5. They appear to feel as strongly about the relationship as you – congratulations, you are in the best possible position for enjoying a fantastic new relationship with someone special! However, even if you are sure this person is “the one”, take it slowly and spend time getting to know them before you give them your heart on a platter—you need to be certain they are deserving of your love.