How to be a Stronger Christian

There is no one size fits all when it comes to acting like a Christian. Being a contributing Christian isn’t easy – it requires time and effort. With everything that takes place among our daily lives, such as family duties, deadlines and responsibilities, we often lose sight of our highest calling – how to be a stronger Christian.

Every Christian has their own way of growing closer to God. Some like a personal approach and others can’t wait to share their faith with others. Regardless of your approach to strengthening your relationship with God, we should continually try to make it stronger. Here are some ways to become a stronger Christian:

Get more involved with church – Too many Christians think of Sunday Church as a weekly appointment they have to attend. If you’re part of this group it’s never too late to change. Instead of clocking in and clocking out each Sunday morning, try to find ways you can be more involved throughout the week. Maybe you can join chorus or help guide the youth group.

Go on a mission trip – Traveling on a mission trip is a great way to strengthen your relationship with God as well as share His word with others. People who go on mission trips often return with a new perspective and a sense of clarity. Their priorities are realigned for the better and the group mentality of helping others is life transforming. Talk to your church about joining their next mission trip or ask to organize one if it’s not planned already.

Read the Bible – Don’t just wait for Sunday to open up the Bible. Taking some time out of each day to read the Bible will help keep you stay focused on what’s most important. The words of the Bible educate, motivate and inspire, three things we should all have a daily dose of in our busy lives.

One way to read the Bible more often is to join a Bible study group. Ask some people at church if they know of one or if they’re interested in starting one. Through sharing each other’s insights, you’ll build on each other’s knowledge.

Become a volunteer – Giving your own time is one of the best gifts you can give. Whether it’s at a local homeless shelter or school, volunteering and serving others is a great way to mimic Jesus’s footsteps. It’s a truly rewarding experience if you haven’t volunteered before.

Chime in to Christian music – Most of the music we hear on the radio isn’t suitable for Christians. In fact, it seems like what’s allowed on the radio gets worse with each year that passes. Profanity and sexual content has almost become a standard in the music industry. However you won’t find that when tuning into your local Christian station or buying Christian music.

Strengthening your relationship with God is a lifelong commitment. There are countless ways to grow as a Christian and the path is different for everyone. These are just a few ways that you can further your relationship and spend more time studying His word.

Jensen is a contributing writer for the First Baptist Church or Orlando.

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