Christian Dating Sites

Online dating has become more than just something that strange lonely people do. It has become a legitimate and interesting way to meet other people who may be looking for the same things as you. Trying to meet someone at work, through friends or even at clubs can be exhausting and the possibilities seem to dry up very quickly. This is frustrating and can mean that you almost give up on dating altogether, but this is premature. There is another way to date that can be found on good online dating sites.

If you are a single person who is also religious then this maze of dating can become even smaller. The group of single people at your church is no doubt quite small and getting smaller every day. This can leave you feeling demoralised, but don’t give up. There are dating sites which specialise in uniting likeminded Christians, and these are the kinds of sites that can help you. You may be a bit sceptical but really what do you have to lose? Christian dating sites like most others are easy to use. The first step is to set up a profile for yourself. On your profile you will display a picture of yourself, give a brief list of personal details and then explain what you are looking for in a partner.

Dating sites take a lot of pressure out of dating as a whole. While in the real world you might be too shy to approach someone you find interesting or attractive, the anonymity of online dating provides a distance that can make plucking up the courage to send that first message a bit easier. The key is to be honest about what you are looking for. For some people looking online for a date is just about wanting to meet someone that you can have a decent conversation with.

For others, Christian online dating can be a way of meeting a husband or a wife. Even on Christian online dating sites you will find Christians who are looking for different kinds of relationship, but as a religious person seeking a Christian relationship, the logical result is marriage. You can be honest about this online if you want to be but the bedrock of any solid relationship and any marriage is having something in common and being able to communicate. Looking for a faith-based relationship is a good idea but a relationship is more than just religion, so rather use your faith as a starting point of a conversation to get to know more about the person you are interested in.

This is nothing to be ashamed of; with divorce rates as high as they are it can be difficult to find the right partner. But if a couple has a solid faith-based marriage, coupled with a shared interest or two, this sets a good foundation. If for example you and your partner share a love of art and painting, why not take a painting class together or make a regular date to check out the newest exhibitions in town.

My partner’s a Christian, but a different faith – what do I do?

It’s Romeo and Juliet all over again – you have fallen for another Christian single online but don’t know what to do because they are a different denomination.

Life’s like that, throwing spanners in the works just when you everything is going fine.

But people are people whatever their beliefs and although we all like to think we are in control and our minds rule our hearts, that’s not always the case.

The problem is not always how you and your partner may have a differing religious background and beliefs – say you are Church of England and your partner is a Catholic.

On the surface, you are both Christian and believe the Bible, but some fundamental building blocks of your faiths are way apart. As individuals who have a love and respect for each other, left alone you may be able to work this out. It’s when families and friends became involved that these small differences become yawning chasms.

Many times, friendships and romances between compatible and reasonable partners have failed because of pressure from third parties.

The solution depends on the individuals involved and the strength of your feelings for each other.

After all, the Bible is all about love, respect and understanding for all faiths, not just for those with common beliefs.

Love is fragile and needs tending and caring to grow.

If you have that relationship with someone, then any reasonable friend or loved one would encourage you to follow your heart and work out a way to overcome differences of faith.

After all, the Bible gives us free will and that’s precisely what makes us human.

It would seem a shame that if you had a chance to exercise that free will, that you turned away from your heart because of pressure from others.

Too many, that would seem to go against the Christian doctrine of any denomination and any priest or Christian who advised someone to give up a chance of true love and happiness on the basis of a particular church’s interpretation of the same book would seem harsh indeed.

Christian Dating: Having a fun first date

So you’ve been chatting to a fellow Christian online for days or even weeks, and the time has finally come to meet up. While arranging a first date can seem like a stressful experience, it doesn’t have to be that way. A first date can open the door to an exciting new chapter of your life, so try to relax and have fun.

Where to Go and What to Do?

Choosing where to go for your first date can seem like a minefield. Luckily, there are plenty of great options for a fun first date.

Choose somewhere that isn’t too intimate, but gives you the chance to talk and get to know each other. Perhaps there’s a Christian café in your local area, or nice park to take a gentle stroll? Other ideas include a visit to a gallery or museum, ice skating or even bowling.

Anything that involves a big expense is best avoided; save the expensive dinners and theatre outings for a later date. While church outings and activities might seem like a good idea, these are best left until you and your date get to know each other better. Inviting someone to your home on the first date probably isn’t a good idea either; although your intentions might be perfectly innocent, they could be taken the wrong way.

Get Talking

If you’re nervous about chatting to your date face-to-face, try to think of a few easy conversation topics before your date. A great thing about meeting online is you already have the chance to get to know your date by exchanging messages before you meet up.

Given that you’ve met on a Christian dating website, your shared faith is an area of common ground so should provide plenty of opportunities for conversation. Try talking about your personal beliefs and goals; this can help ensure you’re both on the same page before you even think about starting a relationship.

Ending the Date

As your date draws to an end, you´ll usually have a good idea of whether or not you´d like to see your date again. Ending the date needn’t lead to awkward moments; as you both share the same commitment to the Christian faith, there should be no pressure to kiss or get intimate. A friendly hug or kiss on the cheek should be all that’s needed to let your date know you had a good time.

It’s always a good idea to get in touch with your date the following day to check they arrived home safely and thank them for a good time. If you´d like to see them again, this is also the time to suggest a follow-up date! Sending a message by email or text removes the pressure of making a phone call, or why not use the private messaging service to drop them a line.